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Company Background

Since 1999, Digital Schools has been serving the K-12 market with our Digital Schools Suite, an integrated HR, position control, gross payroll and budgeting application. In 2012, we launched Digital Schools Suite|Plus, converting to a web interface and extending the functionality of our Suite to include full net payroll and financial functionality (general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and banking).


Digital Schools Suite|Plus has been developed as a best practices application that promises to help create a new administrative technology direction for districts and counties by providing, in a cost effective manner, the market’s most flexible, scalable, easy to use, and responsive software. Our development platform and design approach allows our clients to protect their investment in a single product suite that grows seamlessly with emergent technology. The scalability of the solution allows us to serve districts ranging in size from thousands of FTE to those as small as 90 FTE.


Our application has been developed to provide our clients with the ability to control and manage data with appropriate checks and balances. This ensures that districts have the visibility, based on district-defined user security, to enable oversight and correction to control the highest part of their budgets: personnel costs and related activity.



Why Digital Schools

Digital Schools Suite|Plus has been implemented at 50+ districts and counties in California and Illinois. Our approach with each is to develop a solid foundation of best practices providing a balanced perspective of business practices. This is the same approach we used to initially develop and to continually enhance our core Digital Schools Suite.


The Digital Schools application typically provides a tangible, quantitative and qualitative return on investment to districts after 12 months and then every year thereafter. This is recognized on the personnel/position control side due to the ability to better manage and control extra duty, school business assignments, substitute accounting, etc. In addition to pure savings (quantified by districts against their metrics), the efficiency of the technology proves to be most beneficial to districts in better deploying and utilizing resources.


The Team

Digital Schools’ staff is built with our clients in mind. We pride ourselves on the amount of school experience that is represented in our office. From finance and payroll to human resources, Digital Schools’ team members have worked in districts in every department that our application touches. In short, we get what you do.



Frontline Education has acquired Perennial EdTech. Read More →

Frontline Education has acquired Perennial EdTech. Read More →